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CareerOne were facing a drop off in candidate usage given their limited online functionality and this risked their market position and revenue stream from advertisers.

"CareerOne has had a long relationship with NetReturn Consulting because of their commitment to customer delivery. In the web business there is a need to deal with problems immediately and to be undertaking constant enhancement and development. In all of these areas we have found NetReturn Consulting responsive and dedicated to developing appropriate solutions and implementing them quickly. NetReturn Consulting was an essential partner in the recent re-branding and enhanced functionality delivered on our site and we value our ongoing partnership with them - we see them as a key part of our team."

Dr. Stephen Hollings

Chief Executive Officer,


More than just a job board, is one of Australia's most highly trafficked websites with over 50,000 job postings at any time and thousands more added each day. CareerOne offers a collection of career advice, job hunting tips, company profiles and job listings to empower people to progress in their career. In addition, is designed to provide clients with a variety of flexible advertising opportunities in order to attract a highly competitive candidate pool. The CareerOne website is interactive, allowing people to post comments or pose questions and access content including articles and videos, specifically catering to job hunting, job postings and career development.

CareerOne operates in a rapidly changing and highly competitive industry. In order to keep ahead of the digital market and recruitment industry trends it is essential that the right technology is in place to support and enable the business. needs advanced platform capabilities to deliver relevant job opportunities to job hunters and a superior service to advertisers to meet the goal of being the number one career network in Australia.

The Problem

When News Limited first launched the business experienced rapid growth. Subsequently and the employment resources of 100 News Limited newspapers joined forces which meant advertisers could place their ad in both a traditional print media format and on the CareerOne online job board. During this time, the company was dealing with a number of disparate and outdated systems which hampered efforts to improve site capability and customer experience. During this time the industry experienced significant growth with a number of players entering the online job board market, significantly increasing CareerOne's competition.

At this point CareerOne realised they needed to make improvements to their website including graphics, layout and matching candidates to jobs through improved search capabilities. Given the increase in competition, CareerOne were aware that a drop off in candidates and online functionality risked their revenue stream from advertisers.

The Solution

At this stage in CareerOne's growth path, they took the opportunity to reassess their technology requirements relative to their business goal of being the number one career network in Australia. Working with NetReturn Consulting, a number of options were assessed and a plan was developed.

CareerOne invested in CareerCast, a job search engine from Adicio and integrated this with a Jahia (Java-based) Content Management System (CMS) which ensures only highly relevant content is provided to candidates during a search for a role. In addition, a corporate portal was developed providing a central point for the aggregation of internal information, which is easily accessible by CareerOne's employees via a web-based interface.

In addition to enhancing the behind the scenes platform capability, NetReturn Consulting redesigned the look of the website reflecting the CareerOne corporate identity and ensuring an enhanced customer experience, superior to competitors' offerings.

Business Benefits

Both job seekers and recruiters find the new CareerOne site easier to use, enjoy the enhanced functionality and highly relevant, easily accessible content where these platform and website improvements have translated into increased market position.

"This is just the beginning of CareerOne's plan to be the number one career network in Australia and this new technology will get us there. The technology is unlike anything on the Australian market and is a giant leap forward for both job seekers and recruiters."

In addition, the flexibility of the Content Management Solution (CMS) ensures a perfect match with the CareerCast platform, reducing IT and administrative hassles by streamlining business processes and reducing IT fixes. The new feature rich platform also enables ease of customisation ensuring CareerOne can make timely updates and stay ahead of their rivals.

Plus, the employee corporate portal enables staff to work from multiple locations on multiple devices at any time on the latest, up to date content.