Catholic Care

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New industry rules affecting the funding model for charitable organisations meant that CatholicCare had to reposition itself to reflect the new realities of the marketplace. This change meant that the organisation had to reposition itself in an increasingly competitive market.

The Need

CatholicCare needed to rework its online properties to create better appeal. The old site was too centred on the organisation and did not take into account the needs of the visitor, in particular those people needing the services that CatholicCare offers.

NRC took a considered approach to the development of the site. This included taking the time to understand the business plan and then to develop a set of requirements to align to the future growth of the organisation. This involved listening what key stakeholders had to say and then scoping a detailed set of requirements.

Following on from this NRC undertook detailed analysis of CatholicCare's prospective clients using the techniques of client profiling and user journeys, which helped CC get a much better understanding of user journeys through the organisation, as well as the online environment.

The Solution

NRC delivered a new site with a refreshed look and feel, clearer navigation, with enhanced search and a customised location map to provide information on local services. NRC implemented a new content management system which allows CatholicCare much more autonomy and control over their online environment.


The new site resulted in improved visibility of CatholicCare content, tailored to the needs of the visitor. This resulted in a marked increase in enquiries and allowed CatholicCare staff to concentrate on higher order activities; the website having assisted the visitor to channel their enquiry to the correct area