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The goal of the Incentive Fund is "to deliver significant and immediately tangible economic and/or social development outcomes for men, women and children".

"Netreturn Consulting's approach and delivery was consultative and collaborative. Communication was clear and concise and deliverables were well defined. They are extremely responsive and easy to work with."

Anne Stasinowsky

Development Effectiveness Manager,
Coffey International


Coffey International are a leading international development consulting firm, that designs and delivers complex programs in some of the most challenging development environments in the world.

Coffey were commissioned by AusAID to develop and manage the Incentive Fund, a program to support economic growth.

The Incentive Fund is a partnership between the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea, funded through the Australian Government Aid Program, which supports well-managed organisations to access funding for innovative projects that have a strong developmental impact for the people of Papua New Guinea.

The Requirement

Coffey International Development was committed to developing and maintaining a database and website for the Incentive Fund Project and needed a reliable, technically competent organisation to partner with.

NetReturn Consulting Pty Ltd was awarded the analysis, design, build, launch and Maintenance & Support (M&S) contract by Coffey International Development (CID) for the A-PNG Incentive Fund (I.F.) Phase III website and database. NRC's staff worked closely - including via in-country consultation - with the I.F. team (Project Manager, Deputy Program Manager, Advisers, and Development Specialist(s)) over 4 months to analyse, design, build and launch the website and database.

Key success factors were the levels of stakeholder access to the database, the ease of PNG-user access to the database (and website) given use of dial-up connections, and drawing upon three existing information repositories (one database in Access and two spreadsheets in excel formats).

The Solution

NRC developed a tailored website with inputs (focused sections for About, Processes, Stories/News, Reports) and also a whole-of-program grants cycle database (with customised reporting against Millennium Development Goals) for this multi-sector, country-wide approx. US$100+ million grants program open to government, civil society and private sector. NRC also: undertook project management; developed web design concepts; designed and coded (HTML/CSS) templates to web standards; and developed documentation/functional specifications including training for the I.F. team.

Technology outcomes included: newly-design website and database; continuing project management and support; templates for staff to update website and database/generate reports; reliable and scalable database; suited to the PNG conditions; with 99.999% up-time (to date).

I.F. program outcomes included: access to accurate, tailored, clear, prompt reporting for both Quarterly and Annual Reports to the Board; brand consistency via web design templates across the site; improved public access to and use of the website; I.F. staff use of website and database via clear navigation, Information Architecture, and User Experience.

Business Benefits

This project demonstrates NetReturn Consulting (NRC) management of a full design to delivery and ongoing maintenance of a large-scale, flagship AusAID program database and website such as the A-PNG I.F. program. Coffey and NRC teams worked together to deliver the site and database on budget. The teams continue this work to further enhance the website.

All project delivery schedules were met and NRC's delivery of this large I.T. project - the website and database - to the original timetable enabled full, satisfactory completion of key reporting Milestones.

The I.F. program website and database have been praised and acknowledged by the AusAID and the I.F. Board as a useful results-based, transparent, clear, locally-owned and engaged Management Information System (MIS) tool for the Incentive Fund grants program.