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With a rapidly growing base of universities & students & an expanding network of advertisers, Pokitpal needed to scale & improve its online capabilities to enable growth & secure their number one market position.

"Since 2005, PokitPal has been the leader in university student discounts in Australia. Connecting students through the delivery of exceptional discounts on a range of products and services including clothing, food, entertainment and technology."

Fraser Duddy

Managing Director,


Since 2005, PokitPal has been connecting students nationwide delivering exceptional discounts across a range of products & services including clothing food & entertainment. Across the UK, Ireland, NZ & Australia Pokitpal have a circulation of more than 500,000 subscribers so whether the student is on campus, at home or backpacking around the world, PokitPal aims to meet the daily needs of their customers via the distribution of localised, relevant offers.

In 2010 PokitPal commenced the transformation from print booklets to include digital with the launch of the location based POKITPAL application for Android & iPhone. Today the app connects more than 60,000 students digitally through a shared discount & social network & has a rapidly growing subscriber base. PokitPal currently distributes more than 25,000 voucher views per month & achieves redemption rates as high as 65%, making both students & advertisers very happy.

PokitPal is a unique, scalable business in a rapidly evolving mobile advertising market.

The Problem

Since commencing operations in 2005 PokitPal has progressed from distributing offers via a printed pocket sized booklet available in most Australian capital cities to an internationally recognised brand which distributes location based discounts to an audience across print & online.

In 2011 PokitPal expanded its offerings with the launch of a white label smartphone diary to campuses, which better enables universities to engage with their students. Students have the ability to build their diaries around relevant on campus interests such as clubs & societies as well as making notes about lectures & deadlines. For the advertiser, the Pokitpal diary offers a mobile advertising platform from which they can build highly tactical & targeted campaigns via a web based management tool. To date, 30 universities across Australia, New Zealand, England & Wales have subscribed to the PokitPal diary which provides advertisers with access to more than 1.1 million students.

With a growing advertiser & student base & to ensure PokitPal retained its number one market position, PokitPal needed to review its current & future technological capabilities to meet both student requirements & protect & grow advertiser revenue streams.

The Requirement

With a rapidly expanding base of universitie, students & clients, PokitPal needed to ensure its online properties could support planned growth without any loss of service, support or advertiser access & management issues. In addition, reliability, scalability & a feature rich platform for web & mobile enablement were considered to be key requirements in order for PokitPal to meet customer experience & revenue goals.

The Solution

NRC was asked to take over support & future development of the PokitPal platform. After a strategic review to understand the businesses' current requirements & growth objectives NRC established the health of the live production system, relative to the current customer base & the future sizing & hosting arrangements aligned to business targets.

With NetReturn Consulting's expertise, an enhanced staging environment was established & the production system was audited for compliance & security. Procedures were established for applications management, release procedures & error control. Once the system was base lined NRC proceeded with new development to cater for the new university year, delivering a holistic, technology agnostic solution on time & budget.

The overall result ensured an enhanced customer & advertiser experience, solidifying PokitPal's leading market position & enabling PokitPal to concentrate of business planning & growth.

Business Benefits

With NetReturn Consulting's excellent project management & technical expertise, PokitPal could move forward with confidence knowing that their new technology platform was enabling the business for future success. Combined with NRC's support & hosting services PokitPal was able to concentrate on the acquisition of additional revenue streams & a growing base of satisfied students. In addition, application load response times improved for users both in Australia & the UK & templates were displaying correctly across mobile & web platforms.