Support & Hosting

NRC support and maintenance, so you can concentrate on business growth.

Outsourcing support & hosting - a more powerful allocation of resources

With highly reputable Government accredited data hosting centres NRC are here to manage support and maintain your site so you can concentrate on business planning and growth. NRC will ensure your site is always securely up and running and operating at its best so you can concentrate on meeting your customer needs.

What are the business benefits?

Outsourcing support & hosting enables a more powerful allocation of resources, improving financial results and enabling a better division of scarce IT resources to support the achievement of the company's strategic goals.

NRC also ensures you maintain full flexibility over the management of your online system guaranteeing that you can continue to be responsive and competitive.

Avoid a costly 'break fix' cycle

In addition to support & hosting, NRC regularly performs site heath checks to identify and resolve issues before they become major problems. Faults are logged and remedies are implemented promptly to avoid the costly 'break fix' cycle often resulting in business operational disruption. Tracking & reporting are also supplied where your in house IT can manage your platform with ease via enhanced dashboard capabilities.

Take advantage of NRC's vast expertise, experience and resources by outsourcing your hosting needs.


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