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Is your online investment delivering growth for your business?

NRC, a technology agnostic, collaborative company with a strong reputation for excellence

NRC, a leading team of online strategy and implementation specialists, will work with you to design and implement an enhanced online capability. This includes an integrated, seamless platform from your customer facing website through to your back end systems to support key business functions. NRC can utilise existing investments, integrate them with new solutions and systems to meet your business objectives around automation, content management, financial management, customer profiling and managing your online communities.

Is your technology supporting the business?

NRC will provide you with a technology agnostic roadmap and implement a platform which will facilitate your business growth and enable you to achieve your objectives around operational efficiency and excellence by reducing inefficient processes resulting from a lack of integration.

Wish you could concentrate on the future instead of the fix?

NRC will host and support your technology so you can concentrate on business planning and growth. Our team of highly skilled experts will ensure your site is always securely up and running.

Would you like to improve your market share?

NRC's Baynote profiling and Collabor8 online community tools will enable a deeper understanding of your customers so you can target your key messages. Our tools will assist you to:

  • Strengthen retention activities to secure your most valuable customers
  • Increase your responsiveness to improve your acquisition rate
  • Better prioritise leads
  • Make your website a more effective sales channel

Understanding your customer's online behaviour can help you improve your profitability.


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