Profiling Customers

Enhanced customer profiling tools to better anticipate and service customer needs.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

In today's competitive landscape marketing and sales professionals are being pressured to grow the business while operating on tight budgets, as a result, customer insights are more important than ever. NRC takes an end to end approach to customer profiling starting with the development of buyer personas and the implementation of solutions to collect online behavioural insights.

What are buyer personas?

Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers based on customer demographics, online behavior and an educated speculation about your customers' personal histories, motivations and concerns. Buyer persona data is both qualitative and quantitative to paint a picture of who your ideal customer is, what they value and how your solution fits into their daily lives.

Together, buyer personas and digital customer profiling, coupled with online marketing and sales analytics, provides key customer insights which enable better allocation of budgets to high impact programs which maximise the return on your online investment.

Would you like your visitors to stay longer, buy more and come back often? NRC can provide your visitors with a personalised experience by generating customised landing pages and recommendations using market leading software, Baynote.

Deliver personalised content to your customers

Baynote is NRC's collective intelligence partner in the US. Baynote tracks how each visitor behaves on your site and then makes recommendations based on collective current and past visitor behaviour. This ensures the content delivered to each visitor is highly relevant and as a result increases engagement levels with respect to page views, videos watched, products purchased and even purchase order value.

Baynote's algorithm serves recommendations based on combinations of criteria such as external and internal keyword search, website navigation, bounce rates, time spent on pages, media clicked on or engaged with and many other factors.

Customer profiling with Baynote enables you to start multiplying your conversion rates and average order size, putting you well on the way to meeting your business goals.


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